Standout Amongst The Most Popular Ayurvedic Medicine for Acidity

Acidity is a common problem that may be suffered by Anybody at any time. Individuals who depend largely on exceptionally hot and spicy foods are more prone to suffer with this condition. According to ayurvedic viewpoint, imbalance of Pitta dosha is chiefly responsible for this illness. Therefore, it is very much important to focus on diet in addition to lifestyle so the stomach may rest assured of its regular functions and total digestion of these foods. As far as reasons for acidity are concerned, there Are numerous reasons to mention. The chief reasons from them include intake of overly hot, fatty and hot foods. Aside from that, anxiety, anxiety, depression and such other mental states may also aggravate this condition. Excessive use of alcohol or smoking could also result in acidity.

Various people may experience varying symptoms of this disease. The chief symptoms of acidity are loss of appetite, nausea, and vomiting, abdominal pain, sour eructation, burning sensation in the chest, fatigue, fatigue, chest pain and tightness in the chest. Luckily, ayurveda has made available various Home remedies which may be utilized to treat in addition to prevent this condition. Since ayurvedic medicine for acidity is wholly herbal or natural therefore it might be used by anyone safely without experiencing any side-effects. Most effective ayurvedic remedies for this disease are as follows. You must have cooling foods and beverages so as to soothe down stomach acidity. For example, you might take fresh coconut juice and cold milk to decrease the distress caused because of acidity. Bananas are also known to wealthy in such Properties that help with offering great relief from this condition. Juice of pomegranate or even chutney ready from pomegranate also aids in balancing the acid in stomach. This in turn alleviates this condition quite well.

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You may also have baked fennel seeds 2-3 times in a day to get relieved of gut disease. Fresh leaves of Holy basil also help in calming down the stomach. You may chew few Tulsi leaves whenever you suffer from acidity. People suffering from acidity may also take Fresh aloe Vera juice that is been extracted from the leaves straight as it assists in eliminating the disease by balancing the acid-base material of the gut. Aside from using above-mentioned remedies for Acidity, you could also try buy ayurvedic medicine online for acidity that is been presented by Patanjali drugstore of Ramdev Ji. The chief herbal formulations that could be used to ease acidity are as mentioned hereunder.

  • Divya Avipattikara Churna
  • Divya Mukta Sukti Bhasma
  • Divya Moti Pisti

Ayurvedic medicine for acidity as exhibited by Swami Ramdev Ji assists in providing quick and effective relief from acidity. It is absolutely safe and might be used regularly to maintain stomach issues at bay. It is acceptable for anyone suffering from indigestion or acidity. Besides treatment of acidity, in addition, it assists in prevention of the same. Next time you suffer with this disease, try Ayurvedic medicine for acidity and eradicate this condition instantly.


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